COVID-19 Resources

We are dedicated to supporting our children, adults with disabilities, and families during this uncertain time. Please check here for resources to assist you and your family.

ABC 7 Chicago Covers El Valor's Commitment Throughout COVID-19 Crisis

Courage is most recognizable in difficult times. As many individuals in our community have placed themselves at risk to serve others in this time of need, El Valor’s staff have similarly sacrificed their personal interests for the well-being of our programs’ over 4,000 children, adults with disabilities, and families who need us now more than ever. Stacey Baca and ABC7 recently highlighted the stories of some of our heroes who have sacrificed to continue serving El Valor’s vulnerable community.

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A donation of any amount can make a huge difference in the lives of our adults with disabilities, children, and their families.?

Multicultural, Multipurpose Organization


El Valor is a non-profit community-based organization founded in 1973 that strives for a community in which all members, including individuals with special needs, can live, learn and work.

Empowering People with Disabilities

El Valor’s adult programs offer a continuum of services that maximizes personal choices, enrichment, employment, and self-sufficiency for persons with disabilities.

Monarch Butterfly Migration

Used as a learning tool to engage families in science and nature-based activities, El Valor’s Monarch Butterfly Conservation program has built and strengthened relationship – both at the community-level and along the monarch’s flyway.

Enriching the Lives of Children

El Valor’s Children’s Programs support families through seamless, comprehensive programming that fosters creative and innovative child development services, parental involvement, multiculturalism, and respect.

Bridging the Technology Gap

El Valor believes in minimizing the technology gap between the underprivileged and underserved. Through our SMART classrooms, we hope to encourage our participants to engage in learning.

Who We Are

El Valor is a nonprofit organization serving over 4,000 children, adults with disabilities, and their families annually. Our mission is to support and challenge urban families to achieve excellence and participate fully in community life. Our programs exist to enrich and empower people with disabilities, the disenfranchised and the underserved.

Early Childhood Education

El Valor Early Childhood Programs focus on early education, inclusion, enrichment, and dual language instruction (English & Spanish).



?Adult Programs

El Valor’s adult programs offer a continuum of services that maximize personal choices, enrichment, employment, and self-sufficiency for individuals of all ages with different abilities.



Community Engagement

El Valor offers parents a variety of enrichment opportunities including parent curricula, parent seminars, and family group.



Our Partners


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